They need to hurry up and get this released ASAP to steal as much market share as possible before competitors jump in. If they can get it to netbook-level prices, I think it will be a huge success. (hard to overstate my satisfaction...) » 6/03/09 7:44pm 6/03/09 7:44pm

Great Editorial, Mark!! I agree — tech companies need to come up with more meaningful features to market instead of just a faster processor or higher megapixel count. A software breakthrough (such as AI of some type) is well overdue — current hardware can now easily run most consumer-level applications. » 4/27/09 7:04pm 4/27/09 7:04pm

I think a device like this is ideal for couch-based internet browsing, and for that task the screen on this device is just too small. At that size, I would do just as well using my iPhone. Can't wait for the Crunchpad, which has a more usable screen :) » 4/24/09 4:20pm 4/24/09 4:20pm

Very excited about this! I definitely see cheap tablets (or MIDs, etc. - whatever you want to call them) as being more popular soon. There is just so much information on the web, and a tablet is the perfect device to read with while not at a desk. It just has to be fairly cheap ( <$400, less if possible), have decent… » 4/09/09 11:20pm 4/09/09 11:20pm